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First Steps After an Accident at Work

Nov 7, 2017 10:41:11 AM / by Christopher Santucci

What You Can Do Now to Protect Your Rights

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  1. First, be sure to report the injury and fill out an accident report. Ask for the workers' compensation insurance information.
  2. Go see your doctor and follow any instructions that you are given. Your health and well being are the most important concerns that need to be addressed immediately. 
  3. Keep a detailed personal diary of the events surrounding your accident. Be sure to record all relevant information, including:

    • Date the incident occurred
    • Names and addresses of everyone who witnessed the incident
    • Name of the foreman or supervisor to whom the incident was reported
    • Name of the union official or fellow employee who witnessed the incident report
    • Information on all chemicals or equipment that played a role in the incident
    • Names and addresses of all places where medical treatment occurred
    • Number of days missed from work as a result of the incident
    • A copy of the doctor’s excuse from work

    Accurate information can prove critical in resolving disputes efficiently and effectively.



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